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What can we do to develop our Country: Agriculture is the key?

Dr. George Matiya and Chiza Chiumya both agriculture economists studying in Japan, listening to a speech by president Bingu WaMuntharika, during a visit in Japan.

The issues discussed during the president's visit and Malawian students were:
a) Food security: The president informed the students that his dream is to have enough maize in Malawi and he will do whatever possible to achieve thiis.
b) Road infratsucture: He sais he sees good road network as a pull factor for investment. He indicated that there must be first things in place for a place to develop.
c) Shire-Zambezi waterway: This he said was his favourite. He riminded us that over 100 years ago missionaries using crafts used the water-way. What should stop us now to use the way, with the advancement of technolgy.
d) Education: He said he believed in education. He told us do not give power to uneducated person. Leaders in organisations (he said even in politics) must be those that have gone to school. He said he increased funding to the University inorder to produce quality human personnel (He said in 2004 funding to Unima was MK900 million but now is MK3 billion).

An alumni George Matiya giving a speech to the President


Buncoalumni is an independent think thank and a learning community of development practitioners who graduated from Bunda College of Agriculture, their aim is to share mutual support and practical advice based on experience.

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When working in the economic development in Malawi, we cannot ignore the importance of agriculture and its contribution to the livelihoods of all Malawians. There are a lot of graduates from Malawis only elite agricultural college (Bunda College of Agriculture), who if they put their efforts together can make a meaningful and important contribution to the economic development of the country. Of this is in addition to the contribution they are making in their various institutions where they are working now

Are you a Bunda alumni play your part.