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Our Purpose
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Connecting all Bunda College students, graduates and faculty members. 

Buncoalumni Purpose


To make a positive contribution to the development of the Malawi economy through the advancement of fact based economic policy formulation and management.

We are designed with the primary goal of contributing to sustainable growth and development in Malawi through the advancement of research-based knowledge and policy analysis. 


Using a core team of graduates we could make enormous contributions to policy research and analysis. Based on the recognition Bunda College enjoys as a leader in research and capacity building, the alumni can succeed in establishing, and continuously maintaining, strong national and international institutional linkages.


We can fulfil Bundas mandate to provide intellectual leadership in the search for policies and strategies that are suited to the needs of Malawi, We can maintain close interaction with government, private sector, donor and other partner institutions.


Another aim of this group could be to promote and facilitate shared learning amongst graduate most of whom are working as development practitioners

The Bunda College Principal Prof Kanyama Phiri Handing over the Trophy to the best First year student Petros Mkandawire in absentia, seen on photo is Soza Spax Soza, BSU president.

Flemings Nyirenda tied the score with Eliah, on this photo Flemings shakes hands with the principal as the best student for Year 3

Our Mission

Make Poverty History

The Award of the trophies to the best five outstanding students.
Ceremony held in Chilowa Hall at Bunda College of Agriculture
on 17th December 2005. The guest of honuor was the Vice
Chancellor Prof Zumani Kadzamira. See the pictures below.

All good moments for Eliah Kapalasa as he takes the trophy as the best student Year 3.

The best student in Year 2 class Wilson Nandolo shakes hands with the Principal during the award giving ceremony.

Alexander Shula Khefi was the one who carried the mantle in Year 4 as the best student. Currently Alexander is studying for MSc aquaculture at Bunda College of Agriculture. Alexander is one of the international students being trained at Bunda College Aquaculture Department.