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Exchange Newsletter

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This page will have a copy of our latest Buncoalumni newsletter and other news letters related to science and development issues.

Buncoalumni Exchange Newsletter.


All members will receive the bimonthly email bulletin Bunco Alumni Exchange, which will alternates between short practical articles and questions/responses.


It will be designed to serve the needs of graduates, providing actionable advice in a compact and easy to-use format. Readers are encouraged to respond and share their personal know-how and experience. All feedback is posted to the forum:


Articles and questions could be developed in partnership with alumni experts from different sectors and organisations. They should span a wide range of topics and many should be forwarded widely amongst other members or republished by other organisations, thereby increasing their impact. A team of volunteer reviewers from amongst the membership should help to ensure the quality of material published.


An Alumni Hon. Biton Kutsaira handing over a Dean's List trophy to Prof Kanyama Phiri. The trophy was donated by Bunda Alumni group.

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