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Welcome to Bunda College Alumni Web Site!

The  site for students, graduates and faculty members of Bunda College of Agriculture. You are welcome to contribute towards the well being of the College and the agriculture sector in Malawi.

An Alumni Dr. George Matiya with president Dr. Bingu WaMuntharika during the president's visit to the republic of Japan.

At this site it is our wish that Bunda College students, graduates and faculty members are going to enjoy to exchange information with the interested parties in Malawi's agriculture sector. Remember the six honest serving men, What, Where, When, How, Why and Who in Malawi's agriculture sector Bunda College Alumni has got the answers and they are ready to share with the outside world.

Mathematical vegetables?  

An Alumni offers solutions to urban agriculture using geometric figures

By Carole Vann

Dr. David Mkwambisi provided a handout with a few circles, squares, rectangles, a trapeze, and some double-sided arrows drawn both vertically and horizontally. Something is written in each geometric shape: institutional analysis, social forces, environmental health, boarders, etc. “This is a Venn prism. Now, break into two groups and see how you can link all this together!”

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Urban Agriculture in Malawi by Dr.Davie Mkwambisi


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